[xbox] connection to the server lost, trying to reconnect

Hey, i’ve been getting this error message pop up, and I’ve been seeing reports of lots of other coaches having the same problem over the last week. It seems to only happen in the menus and not really affect anything in-game.


For issues related to the multiplayer on Xbox One, please follow these instructions:

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Hello, this is not an issue with my Xbox settings, it’s happening to many people on BB2 on the Xbox, and I have no issues on other games. Please help.

I am having this issue as well, and it is currently exclusive to Blood Bowl 2 on my Xbox. It is also being heavily reported in the FB group at the moment, as I've seen at least 10 people complaining of it. It seems to sporadically give this message for the first 10 or so minutes of being in the game. Since I am now rebooting, and reloading after every game to improve overall in game stability, and this issue will knock me out of ladder ques every time it appears, it is quite an annoyance. I would say it appeared in the last two weeks, if I were guessing.

Oh, and since I don't see it mentioned, for me, when it pops up, it pops up for about 10 seconds or so, and then reconnects. But, as I said, it will bump me out of any ques I was in when it happens.

It's been 2 weeks now since the problem started and happens 6 or 7 times before connection can be established correctly. It doesn't happen on any other platform of game system. My Internet provision is top notch but this game server is a real issue for me.

Yes you are definitely not alone. Iv had this error several times aswell. It can take ages to hit a connection now.

There are lots of us having this issue. It says its trying to connect but will kick you out, meaning that you have to wait while it reconnects then press to find an opponent again. It's very frustrating.

Hi have experienced this issue as well, i kept getting disconnected from the server while setting up the champions cup xiii. The disconnecting seems to stop after about 10 mins or so....

I have the same problem
I love blood bowl
I am very sad that it is so hard to play

It’s still happening by the way. Really makes it difficult to find a game

I've been having the same for about 2 weeks. Pops up while searching for games and stops the search. Not happened in game as yet. Seems more common to happen straight after watching a game on Cabalvision. Sometimes only happens once sometimes I give up searching as it recurs so much.

No issue on any other games or internet in general.

Hello, thanks for your reports!

We tweaked something server side, could you tell us if you still encounter issues now?