Multiplayer lobby refresh and lock-out [XBoxOne]

XBox One (Moved from other thread).

Multiplayer lobby UI broken: Respectfully this user experience is terrible.

On starting Multiplayer, I wait about 45 seconds on a blank screen with no feedback before I see games appear and then all in one shot. Ping times start filling out around five seconds later.

If I don't then select a game within around ten seconds, what I suspect is an auto-refresh blanks the screen, bounces my cursor off the lobby window so I can't select a game anymore and I must wait for the next refresh.

If I don't select a game within two tries, even though the refresh cycle repeats, I find my cursor is now locked to the right hand side of the screen, ie I can't move over to the game selection screen anymore. Even if I go back to main menu and retry.

I must literally exit the game by going to xbox home, starting another game and then restarting mudrunner.

I would be happy if you only fixed this one thing.

Adding a 'casual/hardcore' filter, a 'don't show full games' filter, and an 'order by ping time', would then be perfect, but please, at least fix the lobby so that we have enough time to find and join the game we want.

I too wonder about the MP lobby. Perhaps the auto refresh is triggered when a game is completed?

The Devs will figure it out from investigation, it definitely feels like it's event triggered. What's interesting (and frustrating) is that the screen wipe wasn't noticed, nor the lock-out. Then again even with the best will in the world you can't trap or catch every edge case and condition. Their test set or test rig may not have shown this behaviour or it could be a side-effect of the port to XBox Live. Either way, I'm pretty positive about a fix because it doesn't feel like the issue is so complex to require massive effort to resolve or improve one way or another. I guess it's just a case of fitting it into the next release cycle.

Even just adding the filter/sort suggestions would be a massive help because you would at least find your way to an open game much faster. I find that usually at least half of the games shown are full and most of the remaining are casual, so a lot of time spent scanning the game list is wasted.

In the meantime I've just got into the habit to close down and restart the game fresh each time I play.

I've noticed that as you go up or down the list, if you just click on any random one it will ask if you want to join, just click no and back out of that little box, that prevents the auto refresh, so I can stay in the list of games and as long as I click on one every 5-10 seconds or so and just click no, the auto refresh doesn't happen and I can keep going down the list cause sometimes it can be quite long and you can't see all the games before the auto refresh happens, this only works if you have a multiplayer save in progress.

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