Me and my friend playing most of the time in coop, but there are plenty of bugs what make it unplayable without restarting.
Hardmode: when I using Hosts international Loadstar with Pickup add on, I can't restock the repair points, it costs me 300,-$ it says its full again but when I want to repair, nothing happens cause the add on is already empty.

We got a bug in coop with the GMC 8000 brigadier. Only me having the dlc truck. It wasn't visible for my friend and he couldn't interact with it. When I switch out of the truck and try to go back into it, nothing happens.

Most of the time we drive around we're getting many of random damage to the suspension driving on flat surfaces an small rocks. Scratching the road barrier gives more damage than hitting with full speed.

Trying to rescue my friend with the crane is impossible when he's in the vehicle.
Winch losing connection or having no effect/power to do anything.
When he's out, no problem.