the thumb tacks? and Can i update the Editor? yet?

do the thumbtacks on a topic mean that it is closed? And can i update my Editor yet? with out 'effing up my stuff, this constant loss of set-up and playability Everytime there is an update is for the birds!!

Thumbtacks mean the thread is pinned (aka "sticky" post) so that it stays at the top instead of getting buried as new threads are created.
Update the editor at your own risk. Keeping up with the issues is about the best you can hope for atm...

TY Mex! i'm going to hold off until I get more reports of no problems. i finally have a good editor set-up. 1 min or less load times, 5 min or less rebuild terrain. and i noticed that the 'sticky' posts do not allow for comment or up-voting... Rufus

I can reply to and upvote in sticky threads with no issue...

thanks again Mex. i just went back to the thread that was the issue.. and of course it worked ..

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