Pathetic Excuse

Not being released on XBOX due to " Code Issues" it's been tweeted recently.

Or in other word's "Our developers are sh1t and can;t be arsed to put the work in"

Well that's me never buying a Focus Home Interactive game again, shame as Vampyr looks quite good, but then again this will probably get binned off as well

Probably more like "We've put too much time in, are low on funding, don't want to delay the game anymore and decided to make the best of a bad situation by releasing to the bigger market to help Deathwing be as successful as possible".

@astartesultra so you want someone one to go out buy a £300 console then pay for the online subscription the buy the game to play 10 to 50 hours of game well that sound like a person who doesn't deserve money


I bought my Pro for £200, selling my standard PS for £160 beforehand. You don't need an online subscription for single player. Not to mention you'd need one on Xbox for Multiplayer as well.
And I played Space Marine for nearly 2 years, it's safe to say Deathwing will atleast match that.
Ultimately, it's up to you what you do with your money. If you earned it, spend it how you like.

@crispy lol man it was a joke but i love ur answer 😃
Anyway, i think the game is great enough to justify the expenses you've mentionned, for those who can of course 😉

thats funny i never looked at this from the other side im still angry metal gear 4 is not there for pc 😞

Why are you guys even bothering to buy consoles? Even the best one can't compete with a shitty PC with a decent video card.

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Several reasons to buy a console. Foremost among them is exclusives, but they also tend to be cheaper in the short-term and are generally more accessible.