Hello Team,

I have not play the game in over 30 days until today so maybe I am overthinking it.

  1. It feels like my shots are not registering especially noticeable to moving targets with ping above 100. I understand that sometimes it is hard to find a game but you should not allowed people with high ping to join since it ruins the experience and the game play. It feels like servers are gotten some kind of lag.
  2. The game feels kind of slower than it used to be so I am not sure if you guys reversed that back since people complained before However, if you did you should not do changes because 200 people did not like the faster pace of the game. We are community of more than 9k+ people and unless 4500 users complain no changes should be done to the game. However, it is your game so you can do f*** you want but just my opinion here.
  3. Great f****** job guys. I love Insurgency and I think it doesn't get as much respect as it should. One of my favorite all time shooters here. Keep up the good job.

Thank you,