Kicked from game shortly after joining

Ok so i had this problem where id join a game and almost immediately id be kicked with this message: Anti cheat authentication timed out: (1/2) . Well the problem happened to be a shortcut I had located on my desktop. Whenever I launched trough that the error would happen. The solution was to simply launch the game straight from steam. I want to share because this caused me a ton of grief for a week until I figured it out somehow. I also wanted to share to a dev so they could find a solution for those who cannot figure it out for themselves.

Dude you are a HERO! I literally joined this forum just to come and say well done to you. Never would have thought it could be a shortcut issue. Last night managed my 1st uninterrupted game of sandstorm in weeks. all due to you, Thank You!!! x

wish this worked for me. When i try to join a game it kicks me before being able to join. I got the game 3 weeks ago and i haven't been able to play a single online game yet because of it. really disappointing.