Turn timer - Game time instead of turn time as in tabletop tournaments

In NAF tournaments, players need to complete a game in due time, so the next match can be drawn and played. When noticing a game with poor progress one typically start a chess clock to track remaining game time for each coach. It is impractical to track turn times individually, and it is also good to be able to use the time when it matters.

The current BB2 implementation of time management seems to be just an adapted implementation of the rule suggestion of max 4 minutes per turn, and not optimized for the best playing experience.

Many coaches want to play fast games, and in order to reduce game time, they push for leagues with less than 4 minute turn timers. That does not really work out that well. The games aren't getting that much shorter for many reasons:

  • Coaches need to wait for slow animations while clock is not ticking.
  • Turns allowed to be longer are more often ended prior to timer running out.
  • Current implementation give no incentive for players to play fast as long as they are within one of the many independent timeouts.
  • Many events leave choices up to the non-active player, creating lots of extra 30 second windows. Side-Step, Diving Tackle, all optional skills, 2-3 dice against blocks, whether to use apo, intercept and so on.

To constrict time while minimizing hassle it would be great if we could track game time instead of turn time. Every time the game is waiting for a decision from a coach, that coaches part of the game time is ticking.


  • As in chess, set up a given amount of game time per player. For instance, 60 minutes per player. Every time the game is waiting for a reply from one coach, that coaches clock is ticking.
  • If a coach runs out of time, he does not get to do anything, with the exception of automatic behavior. For instance, the game could automatically stand up all players on the team.
  • To make it easier to manage time and not run out in the middle of the game, allow for time increments or free time. For instance, add 1 minute for each turn started, or let the first 5 seconds of every player decision not reduce the total time left. With time increments or free time, one can allot fairly low start time to create very fast games.

Using the above will have many advantages in time constricted games:

  • Coaches will have incentive to do quick decisions and end turns fast, as that will give them more time later if needed. Currently coaches have incentive to use all available time to do the best decision they can regardless of whether it is an important one or not.
  • Games can be provisioned fairly low on time, while coaches can still get some time to think for those crucial game deciding actions/turns that matter the most.
  • A player settings skills to optional or picking skills that create interrupts in other players turn, will now spend their own time during these interrupts and thus improve the game experience of the active player. Non-active player will have incentive to stay focused and do these decisions fast.

Additionally, it would be great to add other optional improvements for those that wants to constrict time:

  • A league could optionally allow players to use longer (or shorter) game time than league default if both players agree on it for a single game.
  • League or per game setting to enable quick animations and/or remove cut scenes for both sides.
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Implementations of the sort you mention have been suggested many, many times. I suspect the vast majority of the community are in favour.

Seems like very agile system, I like it. Unfortunately, such significant overhaul of BB2 at this point is almost impossible. They won't invest in it. May be in BB3, if it will ever happen.

+1 for Chess clocks instead of the drivel we have within the game now.

Do you guys play chess ? Or spectate it ? It can be really annoying to wait 30 minutes for someone to make a singlemove :-).

I personaly wouldn't like to see that in BB at all.

What could be in between would be to add a "game bonus chrono", for example 5 or 10 minutes, which you could use at any turns you feel the need to.