not really sure if this the forum for early impressions of game.

So far it been ok, having just finished the boat ride to New Syrene
But couple things already stand out to me

  1. Locksmithing is a mandatory skill to learn or you leaving a ton of early game loot behind
    which means unless you go Technical, crafting and alchemy are not available.

Really not a fan of that type of early game design truth be told. At least let people get the starter stage in those to experience them in the newbie section of game.

  1. Something in the story is missing. Game is NOT grabbing my attention like Mars War Logs and The Technomancer did previously.

  2. Though Im really early into game, I get the impression I will be visiting Nexus mods sooner then later to fill in some oversights in game design.

Love the graphics, luke warm on the movement, setting is interesting thus far.
Hoping things start to pick up from here moving forward.