Mudrunner/Map Release/Fear's Trails

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Fear's Trails - Created by FearWheels

Class 5, 4x4 Trails
Sever conditions. Extreme caution recommended. Impassible by stock vehicles. Some winch-ing required. Vehicle damage probable. Extreme caution necessary. Has 90 degree hill climbs, many twist and turns with many rocks. Consists of three trails Power Express trail, Mountain's pass trail and the Border trail. Please watch your speed on the cottage road, as this is not a race track.

The Legend of Sasquatch lives in these woods. If you think you've seen one, you should keep this to yourself. As you may come off as crazy.

These trails are NOT recommended for base vehicles. Installing Spintires Mod is recommended.

  • Game v.18.03.06.
    -map= 20x20
    -Garage= 1
    -Fuel Stations= 2
    -Spawn Points 4 slots = 2 Maz 6317- 2 Uaz469 for extra points only. Change or remove if not needed.

Testing- (THC)Mexican, Sully Courage, GanjaMajic420.

Special thanks go to - (THC)Mexican for is great vehicles, testing, and his fantastic models that was created to be shared by the community. And for his overall great help. Thx Bro!
Smed for his forest texture.
Nix_909 and Spun for their rock models.
Nix_909 for his tutorial video-

Modifying or re-uploading anywhere without FearWheels permission is strictly prohibited.

Steam Workshop-
If you like map, don't forget to rate up. Thx.

Manual Download -

Happy trails!

Music by Ethan Meixsell-

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Looks okay. Reminds me of my map--> Under the lines.

I was lucky enough to get an early crack at it and it's an amazing map!!

The map is a masterpiece. I'm glad you stuck with it and decided to release it for us. It was well worth the wait, and well worth your time and effort IMO. Needless to say...MudHappy Seal Of Approval.

I can't get it to work when manually installed with game version 18/01/29b though. And, if I were you, I wouldn't worry about it already being uploaded to that other site. Since I tried manually installing that one too, and it didn't work either. So far as I can tell you can't make maps from the workshop work when manually installed. I could be wrong...but imagine that. Yay workshop! Or something...🤷♂

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@mudhappy I'm glad you like the map bro! But to be honest I'm the one who sent in my map, has I knew they would put it up there soon. But I sent them my files. Their the bright ones who went end stole from workshop.😜 Not sure why. I don't like the site but it is what it is. I'm not asking them to fix or resending.

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@roughrider said in Mudrunner/Map Release/Fear's Trails:

Looks okay. Reminds me of my map--> Under the lines.

Did you ever remake that map for Mudrunner?

Sorry @FearWheels , not trying to hijack the thread...
You already know I'm a big fan of this map! 😃

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@mexican_420 Not released. You want me to upload it to the workshop? Haha.

tried it with spun's big jeep the Kaiser M715 and a new one, the Rock Tcn-Z (workshop). Both trucks were out-classed on this ride. i'm going to have to choose carefully... this map is a Beast at times. Great Work FearWheels! -Rufus

These trails not recommended for base vehicles.....
Impassable by stock vehicles....

......challenge accepted. 🤔

Just downloaded this on Steam will have a go and let you know 🙂

More than likely I'll knock out a video on this map too.

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