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Hello once again, young shaper, and welcome to your final lesson on Guardians, the powerful creations that will accompany you during your travels of the world of Spark in Masters of Anima.


This final Guardian is the mystical Summoner, an arcane construct able to bolster your forces with their own creations. Equipped with a staff and their own master of shaping, the Summoner is the most advanced Guardian, and will be a huge boon when dealing with multiple enemies.

When bolstered with a Battle Cry, the stream of individual Moppets created by the Summoner turns into a powerful flood, with as many as 100 Moppets surging forth to deal damage to your enemies. This is in addition to your maximum Guardians summoned, so with the Summoners, you will create a huge army with which to fight your foes.

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Created in groups of two, and quite fragile, the Summoners will go down in combat quite quickly, should they get caught in an attack. Upgrades allow the Shaper to modify the behaviour of the Summoner, and with it, the way their Moppets will behave. These upgrades include bonuses to Moppet damage, allowing them to explode when destroyed, and even the ability for the Battle Cry to summon not one, but two Moppets a second.

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Outside of combat, the Summoners take a more utilitarian role and use their powers of creation to fashion massive Titans. These Titans can be controlled by the Shaper, to destroy colossal obstacles, but also as an additional unit with which to bolster your forces.

The Summoner is a powerful damage dealing Guardian, but using them will take careful planning to make sure you get the most out of their Battle Cry. Used by a trainee Shaper, the Summoner will complement the rest of your units well. Used by a Master Shaper, the Summoner will break anything that stands against it.

Masters of Anima releases on April 10th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

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