My Editor is broken !!!!

Hi everybody
Since the last update , my Editor is broken !!!!

  • My current map don t work on the steam workshop while they work ( version 18/03/06 ) with JSGME .
  • I can t create new maps anymore .
    Thank you in advance for your help !!!!

The procedure for creating new terrain has changed. See page 34 of the guide.

I have no idea on why your map(s) won't work on the Steam workshop, but work(s) with JSGME. Sounds like I need to try JSGME though. Because that would be awesome if it was the workaround to play manually installed maps with version 18/03/06. Unless I'm not understanding what you're saying, and it doesn't work like that.

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@mudhappy Kids dont read these days, im only 21 and im feeling quite old just because I do read guides lol
Edit (05/04/18 23:48) Mine is broken now too, I went to upload some truck mod files and my editor crashed every time i want to generate a preview or just upload the mod

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@mudhappy Thanks for your answer , but my JSGME work in the new version of the game .

@Forces It's still working for me. I just uploaded some ST to MR conversions with it. I'm running game version 29/01/18b. Not sure if that makes any difference.

@joridiculous Evidently so. Since using it to install maps with game version 18/03/06 didn't work any better than manually installing them. As in it doesn't work at all in either case.

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@Mudbath Mine wont even generate previews it jusr crashes even after a reinstall

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