Since the Battlefleet Gothic Armada forums lost too much attention, I feel that I'd be more likely to get a response on the Focus general discussion board.

Battlefleet Gothic Armada II had so much potential, but no offense, Focus Home Interactive and Tindalos Interactive left the game to rot in hell. The multiplayer servers are so dead that I find it not worth the cost to keep them running. For one thing, Focus had gotten rid of the popular 2v2 ranked mode and that really turned players away. And Tindalos Interactive is either gone or good as gone since they've no longer have an accessible projects page and haven't had any news since 2018 release of BFGAII. And I don't see any other way to get in contact with them or Focus Home Interactive.

The game still suffers from a plethora of bugs, some irritating but other game breaking. And since Tindalos won't be around to continue work on updates, and there are too many bugs to fix in a mod, can we turn development to another independent company? Maybe with Patreon/Kickstarter. Perhaps we could have a kickstarter on an Ork campaign, might be more fun than the Chaos campaign DLC.

I would appreciate feedback on this post.