Mud Runner / MAP RELEASE / RUBICON TRAILS / Discontinued Map Rock crawling

I can't open the file on editor to continue working on it since the new update , so if you guys wanna check it here's the link below . Thanks!

The map is not for stock cars. SpinTiresMod.exe version 1.6.12 is required.
In the archive there are lighting settings for autumn and summer.

Size: 20 x 20 (704 by 704 meters)
2 garages (1 opened)
2 refills
6 machine slots

A Discontinued map Rock crawling Trails because of the new update.

Thanks goes to y'all on the forum - (DCMT) DrGoNzO 1489 - Rock Runner Gaming - Shuffy UK SK # 29 - Krazy Killa - (DCMT) Ganja Majic 420 - JeJelogy Gaming - Aga Yuditra Studio - Nix_909x2 - Wrenchinmonkey - Spun - Brute - Hazzard King the Moder and all that I can't say the name !!

Enjoy And Once Again Thanks y'all !!!

0_1523136316251_20180403214826_1.jpg 0_1523136380143_20180403004847_1.jpg 0_1523136480959_20180402234328_1.jpg 0_1523136541166_20180331224100_1.jpg 0_1523136588191_20180401154802_1.jpg 0_1523136628257_20180331152513_1.jpg 0_1523136702312_20180327002659_1.jpg 0_1523136771124_20180331225308_1.jpg 0_1523136842395_20180331152057_1.jpg 0_1523136912921_20180402225214_1.jpg 0_1523136984584_20180331193050_1.jpg 0_1523137052176_20180309205954_1.jpg 0_1523137139354_20180401030329_1.jpg 0_1523137238867_20180327215952_1.jpg0_1523141094985_20180323143114_1.jpg 0_1523141157107_20180402223947_1.jpg 0_1523141221260_20180404133626_1.jpg 0_1523141309674_20180403012112_1.jpg 0_1523141426247_20180331152506_1.jpg 0_1523141568929_20180403004536_1.jpg 0_1523141661732_20180402230555_1.jpg0_1523142228067_20180407190150_1.jpg 0_1523142251919_20180407190307_1.jpg0_1523143069311_20180407191624_1.jpg 0_1523143098685_20180407191200_1.jpg0_1523143839551_20180407193004_1.jpg0_1523144392532_20180407193915_1.jpg

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My heart sank when I started reading the title of the thread, since I'm going to be converting/updating/uploading my Rubicon Trail based map within the next few days. Crazy how many people I've had help me test it that had never heard of the Rubicon Trail before!
I'll be honest, my first thoughts were "aww crap, this is gonna be so much better than mine..." lol

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@Mexican_420 , Really sorry bro idk if u have the same title, lol but i'm still rookie on making the map so no worries bro , i believe your map is going to be awesome as well . Anyway this map is not complete since the new update , i can't open my editor to continue working on the map .. so i can say is fail map i guess lol .
Can't wait to crawl on your map primo !

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