Welcome to Serenity Gaming.

Serenity Gaming was created with one focus in mind...having fun.

We are a mature (18+), relaxed gaming community based within the EU.

Our aim is to provide a place for players of all ranks and gaming experience to enjoy a stress free environment.

With a collective league experience of over a 4 thousand hours in game (bb1/bb2) across our members we have decided to recruit and create a league/ area where people can meet up and have a laugh.

Our other games include but are not limited to. Warhammer Tw, Overwatch, Heroes of the storm, Player unknown battlegrounds, and Fortnite.

We are currently looking for all types of players from casual to low and high competitive players.

Feel free to join us or apply on https://discord.gg/2zmWX9K

Come laugh with us on https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCGEEQsjlBxK8UQ2XUelbQSg

Watch us on http://twitch.tv/smidgey87

Or add us and chat to the admin's below;






See you on the pitch!

Yours faithfully,

Serenity Gaming.