Bone Head and the Throw Team Mate skill

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I want to report a bug on this i am not sure of you have made this intentional or not so here it goes...

When you declare a Throw Team Mate which is a pass action... i want to know why you can move before declaring a pass with that player...

The pass rule states that the player MUST declare a pass action first before anything else, which means the Pass would be wasted if the player Bone Headed.

On this version of the game the Bone Headed player can declare a pass after moving when this should not be the case, because i could have 3 ogres lined up to move to where the snotling has the ball and if two of the ogres Bonehead then i have a chance to throw with the last ogre just by moving...

It should be treated like the blitz is, if the player Boneheads, then the blitz is wasted.
It should be the same with the pass... i do actually like it the way it is now... however that's not how the game is played by the rulebook from Games workshop... If i could have a clarification on this.
The way it is now is a better for the free flowing game, and it helps the ogres out or any team with Throw Team Mate.. However it is not how the rule is written..

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agree with this, but also like the way it is now 🙂 give some love to the throw team mate.

yeah also they need to factor in a hand off too because a hand off is an action and needs to be declared also before anything... that only effects the ball handler any way so that could prob be left alone however that's hows it written as played in TT

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This was a conscious design decision, I believe, to make things a little slicker.

You're confusing CRP/BB2016 rules with Cyanide rules. You don't have to declare anything (other than a blitz) before doing it in BB2. This has been around forever since BB1.

@dode74 that makes sense i mean i like it... however the newer version of the rules states it must be declared first for a pass action before anything else... but if they keep it the way it is i have no problem with it...

@JohnnyFeyev yes it has that i know, however the ruling does not match crp along with BT which is now fixed in bb2 along with alot of other rules etc like grab on a blitz... just thought if they were trying to get the game as close to crp as possible that the rules would follow suit, thats all, if its a design thing like Dode said thats fine, but you would not get away with it at a torny... i guess this is cyanide then not Blood Bowl TT. what it actually does is make the TTM alot better which i am all for as i play ogres alot, to me it makes the game smoother, and easier to manage TTM, so i doubt they will change it... but it needs to be noted... oh and just for the record if you read the new rules that just came out this year it says it in there...

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That's how all passing has worked in BB2 and BB1. It would be strange if they enforced the TT rule of declaration for throw team mate when they do not enforce it for throwing the ball...

the thing is it only effects TTM players because they never have the ball the right stuff player does... if the Bonehead has the ball and you pass and he Boneheads or before u pass, the pass is wasted anyway... just seems the TTM get multiple chances to throw, as a normal passer does not, but anyway like i said it does make the ogres and any TTM team a slight advantage when it comes to TTM, thats all which i am all for it... there are skills that don,t work properly in bb1 as well it just seem because the skills are like that in bb1 does not mean they should be like that in bb2.. anyway i am done on this see what other bugs we can find just looking for consistency thats all

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