truck size

What size in number should my truck have inside 3dmax? or a reference, for example a square of what size it should be

There is an example .max file in the directory of the editor. You can use this as a guide as to how big or small things should be.

I've yet to do it to my truck, but I believe on the right hand side you can choose the unit of measurement. This may explain better, as well as the Editor Kingpinn mentioned.

I did a short video on How to change System Units in 3ds Max

Youtube Video

If I know how to change the units, what I want to know is that number is the ideal size

@percymarina Google the size of the vehicle in real life that's the ideal size...

@percymarina hey could you stop making a new topic every day??, I mean read the forum, most of the stuff you've asked are here or in oovee

Not ment to sound or act like a Dick but this starting to look like steam forums were 5 guys aske the same thing the same day

@forces With much respect, friend, the problem is that I do not speak the same language and I have to translate it. This is the reason that the information is very little, apart from the fact that I see other people willing to respond with great pleasure.

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