When dead and spectating someone using a shotgun/bolt-action-sniper/revolver or some other kind of weapon where you reload each individual bullet instead of a magazine (except grenade/rocket launchers), the animation would start doing an infinite reload loop.

If the person changes to another weapon while the animation is happening and then changes back to the first weapon, the animation would restart and loop again even if the person didn't reload.

If you have a speed loader/striper clip upgrade this would not happen but if you decide to reload only one single bullet it would start a loop. If you then reload a whole clip, the spectator doesn't see that as the single bullet animation is still going, same thing happens when aiming, climbing, shooting, smashing, other or when too close to a wall and the gun is too long (sometimes stretches the bullet arm).

The only point where this loop is canceled is when you respawn and are alive again, while alive this does not happen.
If you are dead again and spectating, the person has to reload before the loop starts again.

I know this is a known issue but im bringing it up again because since Operation Exodus I could reproduce this to 100% intentionally or unintentionally in a public match with no further process or any conditions.

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