Mudrunner at Gamescom

Journalists get to play the game at Gamescom , so maybe we will see a video soon .

Also here are some news about the game :

  • The game works on both DirectX 9 and DirectX 11. There are no differences in quality .
  • Tracked vehicles will be added after release.
  • The game works in 32-bit and 64-bit modes (x32 is faster for weak computers).
  • There are new tasks.
  • At the moment the console version of the game is ready completely. On the PC, Pavel has to finish the cockpit view and map support in the Steam Workshop.
  • The editor will be released immediately with the release of the game. The editor will slightly differ from the editor of Spintires!

Source :

Another good news is about the ugly look of the trucks in Mudrunner:

"All the vehicles in the game have been changed , because there is no license for them. The original models will be downloaded as certified mods in WorkShop. So if someone cares about radiator grilles , you don't have to worry, all this will be fixed right after the game is released."

Yes, tracked vehicles coming!

Also nice to hear that they will add the certified trucks. The new ones are ugly as hell.

Update :

-The 50% discount for those who bought the original game, will be available after the release of the game..
-The view from the cabin will be quite simple. The interior will be slightly improved in texture with animated steering wheel. For modders, it will be possible to make the view from the cab more detailed if they want.

  • Mods: The structure of the config does not change much. Pavel is going to make a converter, which will simplify the adaptation of old mods to the new game.
    -No Linux and Mac OS support yet.

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