PTS Update 15.1 [22/07/2021] - Season 5

Hello everyone!

We have prepared new update, the list of changes is presented below. Thank you for your comments and feedbacks! We hope you like new content 🙂


  • Immersive mode: Added an ability to activate HUD via hotkey ("2")
  • Updated main menu


  • Updated models, textures, and addons setup for Tatra Force and Tatra Phoenix
  • Added unique skin for Don 71


  • Supported custom pictures for custom cargo

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where control scheme “B” didn’t have a keybind for toggling the camera

@enovikova Don region is missing from my pts along with trucks and progression. Game sent me back to Michigan?

@jon-luchtefeld You got the Year 2 Pass? on version 15.0 it was not needed to access new content, from 15.1 it is needed.

Nothin related to new truck task bug 😔

Siguen sin aparecer las vigas de metal... he explorado los dos mapas y no estan, probé reinstalar el juego pero las vigas de metal no estan...


Cuando activas la misión llamada "River Port" aparecen dos cargas de vigas metálicas en el mapa. Uno en la fábrica en la parte superior izquierda del mapa y otro en el pozo al otro lado de la calle de la estación de combustible. Lleve estas vigas de metal a los postes de energía en el lado derecho del mapa. Una vez completado, aparece una zona de carga en el puerto donde puede obtener ladrillos, contenedores de carga y vigas de metal.

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@Henriquetavares said in PTS Update 15.1 [22/07/2021] - Season 5:

Nothin related to new truck task bug 😔

Nothing either on mods not working on the PTS for some people.

@scaniatrucker73 Tube que reiniciar todo, estaba bugueada esa misión... Gracias

Boa noite,

Consegui terminar a região, maravilhosa!!!

Tive os seguintes problemas:

Mesmo terminando tudo , o jogo marca 91% e 31 de 34 missões concluídas.

São esses contratos:

E essa tarefa:

Só que já foi feito, tanto os contratos:

Como a tarefa que dá direito ao Tatra Force:

Grato pela atenção.

Update on my report regarding Tatra Phoenix task:

After the update, the truck was now showing up on the map, and I was able to repair only lacking of 2 tires. I had to close the game and when I reopen it the task was now complete all of sudden. I accept the it and when I went look my garage I figure out that I have not only Tatra Phoenix, but a bunch of. Looks like the game just now gave the truck from all my past attempt to complete the task.

At this moment for me, the task is behaving very weird.

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At Me the new vehicles okay. It became a mission to the 815, the phoenix task moved to another location. Both can be done and I got rewarded with the vehicles.
Some texture bugs have also been fixed. For now, the "game is fine."

I have a suggestion about that "2" hotkey for the HUD.

On PS4, this is a good opportunity to bind that fonction to the touchpad.
Not by clicking it, but just touching it.

It works like that on the game Horizon Zero Dawn, and it is very comfortable to use.
In this game we can configure the HUD to appear minimally when the player is using fonctions link to combat, displaying the cross air, the health bars and things like ammunitions.
So it worked like the minimal HUD of Snowrunner.
But on top of that, a soft touch on the touchpad is enough to bring the full HUD temporary.
This is a perfect setting allowing players to display useful information only when needed.

Maybe I should make a topic about it ?

Because now it shouldn't be hard to bind that feature to the touchpad on PS4.
Doing it like that was a great Horizon Zero Dawn asset.

Mod browser is fixed and New trucks are officially added in game but my game crahes when I try to travel to second map of Don region...It was working fine in previous PTS build.

Abri o jogo agora e ele corrigiu o problema, não sei explicar.

@SD1ONE said in PTS Update 15.1 [22/07/2021] - Season 5:

Mod browser is fixed and New trucks are officially added in game but my game crahes when I try to travel to second map of Don region...It was working fine in previous PTS build.

How is the mod browser fixed for you?
I still only get 6 mods while I'm subscribed to a lot more.
And when I hit F5 to refresh I get an error message saying "Can't connect to"

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Why a coiled tubing semi-trailer for me?
What do I do with it?
Is this a mistake?

Problem with this assignment. It requires different products, and it is impossible to complete it.

@Jóska-Pista it is possible that this is a stand-in for another item that has not been completed, or that the developer wants to keep as a surprise.

Where is the second upgrade?
(The first was on the second map near the eastern train station.)

Thanks for update, but after upload no new map (Don) and new trucks (Tatras), other functionality OK. Any advice? Thanks for info.