• I think it could be nice to communicate with the riders for their moral. (for example if I play with Lotto Soudal and Greipel don't win anything he could have a bad moral so I'll need to communicate with him to motivate him or just to congratulate riders when they are very good).
    Some riders can also be in a bad mood because they are never leader or they don't ride big races so we have to explain why.

  • It could be nice to communicate with the other teams during a race to propose an "alliance" to come back on the attackers. I imagine it smart, so if a team make an alliance 2 or 3 times with us but after that we never help this team she won't collaborate with us. Like that we have to be smart because we can't always ride with everyone but we need "friends teams" if we don't want to play alone versus all the others.