Rude/Racist Behaviour in Blood Bowl Champ Ladder

Hi, not sure who i complain to, but i dont really appreciate being told to go die of cancer, and that i should get aids, plus about every other profanity. I dont mind a bit of banter, but that is WAY too far. My coach name is iantheace and my team name is 'Woah Nice Tongue Baby'. The match was tonight (10/04/2018). I still maintained dacorum and didn't rise to it, but it's really not nice and i dont want any other players to encounter it.

Kind Regards

Ian Woolfenden

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Community Manager

Thanks for your report. I removed the name of the coach reported but it stays visible for the admins. This kind of behaviour isn't acceptable and we'll deal with it. If you have a screenshot, it could help. You can send it by private message to me.

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