Weapon list?

Is there a list of weapons that will be in the game? As a life long fan of las weaponry, I do look forward to getting my hands on a Necromunda Pattern Lasgun.

Rogue Factor Team

@remiv Not a full list, but in the Mordheim Steam forums I answered someone else's question about what weapons are in the teaser trailer / screenshots. Here's what I wrote:

"So, from left to right of the Escher screenshot we have:

  • Brawler, dual wielding swords
  • Deadeye with an Autogun
  • Deadeye with a Plasma Pistol and Autopistol
  • Heavy with a Heavy Stub Gun
  • Saboteur with a Flamer

The Deadeye in the middle - with the fancy hair - is the Leader.

You will notice that the screens showing Goliath fighters include some of the same weapons, but they have been custom made to fit with the aesthetics of each gang. The Goliath's Flamer does not look like the Escher's Flamer, for example."

I am semi-hoping these patterns have names, although I do hope they are not heretical "custom" jobs made specifically by the gangs (tho I suspect they will be). I am a contributor over on the Lexicanum with a very particular interest in discovering and archiving various patterns of weaponry (most specifically las weaponry, tho I do also enjoy plasma and stubber/auto weapons).

Rogue Factor Team

@remiv Alas, this is all I can give you right now.

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