[NEW] Add a lot of camera options

After playing quite a while, I came to the conclusion that the game lacks a wide variety of different camera options. On the hood, bumper, front wheel, rear wheel, body side, etc. Because you can do it, or give necessary tools to the modders themselves, so they did it.Watch this video, you see, because it looks cool and atmospheric!
And more! Make sure that when you switch the gearbox, the position of the camera is not stray!

Youtube Video – [07:08..]

Поиграв достаточно большое время, я пришел к выводу, что в игре не хватает большого разнообразия различных вариантов камер. На капоте, на бампере, у переднего колеса, у заднего колеса, со стороны кузова и т.д. Ведь можно это все сделать, либо дайте необходимые инструменты мододелам, чтобы они сделали это.Посмотрите это видео, согласитесь, ведь круто выглядит и атмосферно!
И еще! Сделайте так, чтобы при переключении коробки передач, положение камеры не сбивалось!

I think this is a good idea, multiple cameras would be a great addition. I can't imagine it would be too dificult to impeliment.

More camera movement options, please. Zoom in to car details.
It would be very fine.
Thank you..

I'm not sure the game should include some hooligan passenger hanging off the side of your Ural? Kraz? .. However, that video is great. I love listening to that big diesel sound. thanks.👍

Yes some different camera angles would be a cool addition, if only for showing off the attention to detail on the vehicles. 🕶

they need to sort out mirrors in my opinion firstly

I suspect that working door mirrors would mean taxing the system graphically - displaying a view in real time as well as the main forward view out of the cab. It 🕶 would be a really cool to have that though!

i would love mirrors, and i would love to have a camera angle of one of the front tires, like GTA5

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