[beta] master chef rule question

i m trying the beta at the moment . I created a kislev team with 4 blitzer , 1 runner , 1 bear , the rest linemen and i had not enough money to buy rr ( 40 k left ) . I decided to test the new AI . First game is against halflings who use a master chef on me . To my surprise they gain 2 rr and i loose none. How is this possible since i had none to loose in the first place?

The Chef dosen't exactly steal re-rolls from 1 team & give it to the other, this is a popular misconception.

The Chef can award up to an extra 3 RR's to their team regardless of whether or not the
opposing team has them to give.

Thank you Mercyflush. I had a doubt . I never came accross that situation before so i wanted to be sure.

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