[PC] bug or hack ?

it s not the first time it happens to me but the first time i report it
coach Nikl vs Dragonloup, match abanidor vs Ram-page
I spent the entire inducement period waiting for the guy , then the pre kick off phase waiting for 2 min for him to move anyone. he was afk or something , nothing happened. Timer runs out and suddenly pop up with the timer restarting all over . So i don t know if it s a known bug , exploit or a hack . just reporting in case

Focus Team

Did it have an impact on the game? Were you able to buy inducement?

i can t remember if i was the underdog or not but as far as i can see it did not affect the game . Nothing dodgy beyond that either in term of freezing or antisocial gaming . The only thing is that he had 4 min to set up his guys instead of 2 nothing really that i can call cheating .

Focus Team

I think this behavior can happens if your opponent close the game during the inducement or the 10s launch timer.
But if everything gone right, it's ok! 🙂

ok so it s just an exploit and not a hack , so it s good to know and reassuring in a way . I thought the guy could do more but the match did not show anything suspicious , it seems pretty coherent

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