Can't post or reply using Edge or Internet Explorer browsers

I'm not sure where to post this. But as of sometime last night I'm not able to post or reply using Edge or IE anymore. It was working fine and then suddenly it stopped. Well...actually IE has never worked, and I've been using Edge for this site since I joined it. But I thought I'd mention IE too. I don't care for 3rd party browsers. I really prefer to use IE over anything else. But have recently switched to using Edge most of the time. Because it always works, whereas IE works less and less as time goes by.

Anyway...if there's some way you can make Edge work again that would be great. You need to understand that you're limiting the site's usability for a substantially large portion of people. Some folks either refuse to, or are too stupid to realize they need to, install a 3rd party browser to use this site now. Many of them will just assume the site itself is broken and leave. And for that matter, they'd be right. For a site to not be usable with an OS provided browser is pretty reality. I'm stuck with using Chrome ATM. And it's tolerable...but I don't really like it. Not to mention the unnecessary inconvenience of having to use it.

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I'm posting this from edge (on my phone), seems to work fine, must be PC related.