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Где механическая коробка передач???Обещали,а не вводите в игру!Как понимать это???

Покупаешь руль G27 и пользуешься всеми благами механической КПП...

@dmitriygds У меня уже есть руль!!! Logitech MOMO Racing!! Но там селективная коробка передач!Т.е назад вперед переключает!Мне нужна механическая коробка передач вот с таким кодом:<Gear

I'm sure you hear this question a lot, but any word on a DLC vehicle update for consoles? I can't imagine modding for consoles, how would your company profit from someone else modding your game for free? It doesn't matter much to me other than hoping this game continues to grow on consoles. I don't play pc.

@bigtbones Yes! Think USA, that's coming for console as well as PC!

@iyagovos hi, i have a disability in ,y left arm but have been wantimg to play this gsme for a while. Can you please tell me the controller configuration/button layout for the PS4 version?
I know I can remap the layout but if it’s too complex it’s really not worth me spending the money.
I cant find any info or user manual detailing the PS4 controls.
Thanks in advance.

@johndivney The PS4 version driver setting is not possible. Sorry..

IMO, a macOS/Linux version should be made first, and that the team at Focus then focus (no pun intended) on more content, features and improvements. I'd be so happy if a macOS version of Spintires: MudRunner would be released, or even announced. Do you have any info concerning Spintires: MudRunner and macOS? If yes, I'd really appreciate it if you shared it. Thanks in advance!

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Hey there, @8x8

We don't currently have plans for a MacOS or Linux version of MudRunner

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@iyagovos pity... I'm sure loads more people would purchase it if it were available for macOS and Linux! Well, I'm gonna try and run Spintires: MudRunner via Porting Kit on macOS... Wish me luck!

Will there be more e7310 trailers? I want to carry some trucks on it (it would be a nice alternative if we could deliver trucks to several locations around the maps in the outback instant of just transporting logs from a to b)

@mr-hinx I don't think we have plans for more, but this is the first I've seen it requested - I'll pass that along to the team

@sodoma unfortuently im a console player but thanks ^^

You forgot the '.' at the end of "We don't plan on having Mac support at release, no".
Just thought I'd point that out...
Edit: "Is there PC Mod support?" isn't bold, instead there's two stars at start of text.

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are mods gonna come to xbox/ps4?

NOPE, But DLCs will probably get added.... hopefully. always nice to get new maps, possibly with more modes to play.

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are mods gonna come to xbox

In my eyes, a "DLC" is the same exact thing as a "MOD" they are modifications to the Vanilla game. yeah, its not a lifted chevy pickup or something but its free conent that works flawlessly

@8x8 Thanks for this, have fixed it now 🙂

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@8x8 Thanks for this, have fixed it now 🙂

Glad to be of help. 🙂

Also, what does this mean?

MudRunner is the ultimate version of Mudrunner


Rest assured that you will be able to modify vehicles with log bays, trailers, and other modifications as you could in the original Mudrunner

I think the 2nd "Mudrunner"s should be "Spintires" instead... 🤔
If not, please explain what that means, I honestly don't know.