Answering Frequently Asked Questions

@Sodoma It is such a shame - I really would love to at least see 8 player slots.

@Hazzard Definitelly, that could be nice. But because of (personal expirience) difficulties with looking for just ONE co-player, not sure if necessary 😃

@Roughrider Yes, MPC sync is quite painfull topic, because its too visible. I've got the point of limitation, mud-sync is probably really difficult (or just resource-hungry) to manage, but sound-sync shouldn't be so much. And that thing, just itself, can reduce that "I've-just-met-a-ghost" feeling a lot, don't you think?

I completely agree with you actually. I do think that we should be able to see more than 4 players online, I'm not sure of the difficulties involved with that topic, but that doesn't sound very hard to accomplish. I've never really thought about it because I never or rarely play Spintires online.

@Iyagovos, this question got missed last time I asked it, so I'm reposting.

To revisit a question, with the increased size of the sandbox map, does this mean that there will be potential to make regular objective maps that are the same size in the editor? (ie 5-6 x bigger than a current map?) It seems that it should be possible if it's possible to make a sandbox map that combines all of the original maps. Having to plan the fuel and logistics for a map that huge would just be entertaining. (In addition to all the trouble you could get yourself into with a map that big.)

For clarity, the new Sandbox Map isn't combining all the maps together, it is a sixth Sandbox map for playing the Single Player.

Aha, that makes more sense, I guess.

Will MudRunners be using more of Pavel Pavaks' work that went unused in 2014 Spintires?

Gaz-66 had:
It's own (much better looking) utility attachment
A completely unused roofrack that would have added a nice 100 repair points probably

Ural-4320 had:
An unused blue variant of the V6, with a blue crane
An unused blue passenger attachment (drive workers from apartments to sawmill before logs can be delivered?)

As someone who supported spintires since its original beta there has been some issues that were never addressed. I absolutly loved this game and still play it from time to time with the mod maps.

Sli/Crossfire has always had a shadow flicker issue when the game was in fullscreen. It is kinda seizure inducing. Will this be fixed in the new version?

Since in multiplayer no visuals will be synced, if someone ahead of you destroyed the trail will that be the case for the person following? Even though they cant see the destruction.

I see you mentioned a map editor. Does that mean that player created maps will be on the steam workshop? That was one of the most frustraiting things avout the original version. You had to manually add the files to the game folder.

I hope this game suceeds with an actual developer behind it. And i will be getting it.

@Iyagovos said in Answering Frequently Asked Questions:

For clarity, the new Sandbox Map isn't combining all the maps together, it is a sixth Sandbox map for playing the Single Player.

I also was confused as the statements regarding the map were up for interpretation. As per the steam page :
"this edition comes complete with a brand new Sandbox Map joining the original game's 5 environments"

Perhaps they could update it to "joining alongside the original game's 5 environments" to remove the confusion.
Personally I was pretty excited thinking that there was the ability for much larger maps coming. Oh well.

On Sync'ing the maps/mud... I think I can explain that: It's too much data to be practical + it's simulated.

Let's consider a peer to peer FPS, one that doesn't use a centralized, dedicated server. When you bring in all the other players, you need to transmit some basic data to everyone, multiple times per second, if not faster. You need to send:

Player XYZ Location, Player Body XYZ Rotation, Player Aim XYZ Rotation, Player weapon model, Weapon trajectory/type when firing, and basically the same for every single interactive object on the map whenever something changes. That can be hundreds to thousands of events per second, plus repeat-sends when a player's map gets de-sync'd.

Spintires takes this up a notch with the mud. The mud is a simulated entity. It's not something that's rigged like a player mesh or anything straight forward. In order to sync that, you would need to send all the relevant simulation data and somehow have a shared simulation. You could maybe sync the mesh between machines, but that too has challenges. You have to update other simulations without breaking them and you might not be able to get away with sending a "this changed position" thing to save on bandwidth/file sizes.

If it can be done, I think it might be doable with a dedicated server running a multiplayer game, but that too has feasibility issues. The centralized server would pretty much run the simulation and distribute it to the players to update their maps. This might work because it would mean there's only one simulation instead of four that all need to interact with each other in a sensible manner. The problem as I see it is that the game server would need to spend a lot of resources doing this. A dedicated server for CS:GO for example is just tracking positions and making sure no impossible actions occur. This however, is pretty much the entire game having to run on the server and be fast and efficient enough to update all the other machines, assuming the players have enough bandwidth to get all the data. It's going to cost more to host it and that's probably not practical.

Sync'ing sounds and lights however, that's going to depend on the engine. Logically, it should be possible, but it depends on the underlying code and how everything is implemented in engine.

Just my take on it. I didn't see anyone cover the technical reason why a sync'd map was hard and thought this might help.

Again about single player. If for exemple the trucks have a possibility to use a lifter instead the crane, to load a square pallet of material to build a bridge to player reach a isolated map area?
And theses materials haves diferents heights. We will need to think diferents way's to do the job.
The modellers from spintires already did that, but with the tools avaliables using 3d studio and something like that.
I believe with the official suport this can be improve in the game.

@kpbruka I'll take this to the team in charge, I can certainly see the confusion that statement could cause.

@pcars I'm not sure i'm following your question, could you clarify for me, please?

@Iyagovos. First sorry about my poor English. About my question. I was talking about the goals of single player version. The actual Spintires I have basically one task, logging wood from B to A.
I wondering if is possible increase the materials to carry on trucks and with that increase the goals and tasks to do in game.
If you look in YouTube you will see some improvements that mods can do in game.

I don't know if it's clear for you.


One other thing I thought of - is there a remote chance of improving the automatic gearbox logic? Currently it doesn't behave like an actual automatic transmission as it seems to base its shifts on revs rather than engine stress. If you start driving up a steep hill in second gear it will get halfway up at moderate revs and then, unlike a real transmission, attempt to change up into third. This will cause the truck to stop, at which point it'll change back into first, but by now you've stopped and can't continue. I know it's a minor niggle but it makes the automatic infuriating to drive off-road. Another option would be to make the manual shift a little easier to use - I do like the idea you had with moving an actual gearshifter but in reality it's a lot harder to do that with the mouse or controller than it is with a real gear lever.

I know it's probably rather late for these sorts of requests but, hey, nothing ventured, nothing gained. 🙂

This another idea to game. How about put money in the fuel and repair job? And the player must handle with this problem. Today we have unlimited fuel and repair, but if this cost money and we need to plain the best route to delivery logs. And receive money for the job.
Maybe um "career mode" where the player start with amount of money to buy one truck and then playing the game he can improve money and buy more veicules?

Will there be more objectives in multiplayer other than monotonus log deliveries? And also will there be a white ghosting on other player vehicles? It kinda breaks the immersion of the game. and a rear view camera option? If these things are implemented, i will buy this game again on PC

@Pcars Your English is fine, don't worry!

I see what you're asking for, and will pass your questions/suggestions on to the development teams.

@pugwonk Likewise, I've passed this onto the development team, thanks for letting us know your frustrations with the gearbox.

@Sufiyan Khan By rear view camera, are you looking for something to look through while you reverse?

I have to take a bow to the Ladies and Gents at Focus and Sabre. There is a huge amount of bad feeling between the Spintires community and the old developers of the game. Buying into such a controversial environment is a brave business move. I'm sure it will turn out to be an inspired one.

I just cant wait until Focus brings some of that Russian mud over to my fields on FS17! 🙂

What kind of approach will be used this time for dashboard information?
That in-game video I presume is still unfinished version of game AND there were lots of icons for X360 controller (or however is that called) so its unclear for PC (mouse, keyboard and/or steering wheel) users.
Previously there were fair amount of text, some of that turns red sometimes and, as whole, not so nice or clear to read. The fact it was twinkling around keeping aside.
Personally I rather to see just set of static icons in dashboard style, those will just glow, when their feature is active as it is in real car.
Simple, easily legible AND universal for all languages, don't you think?