[PS4] Controller/Button layout & manual?

hi, i have a disability in my left arm but have been wanting to play this gsme for a while. Can you please tell me the controller configuration/button layout for the PS4 version?
I know I can remap the layout but if it’s too complex it’s really not worth me spending the money.
I cannot find any info or user manual detailing the PS4 controls.
Thanks in advance

Sorry dude, I searched for hours for some kind of graphic or something that would show the PS4 control setup but no luck... 😞
I'm working on something though. A buddy of mine has it on PS4 so I'm gonna see if he can send me a pic of the controls setup somehow, and if that works out I'll post here for ya! 🙂

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Thanks for responding here, @Mexican_420!

Through this link you can find a version that we use to show the game at events. I can't embed it because it's quite a large image.

We need native DS4 support! Now that Steam has made the push for DS4 support I would love to see developers tag along. Especially if a PS4 version of the game exists!

Thank you very much! That’s really awesome response, greatly appreciated.

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