Vampire are broken

first up what is broken. I had a thrall on the goal line I had a vamp with the ball 2 squares away and next to that the ball vamp was a downed thrall
I select the vamp with the ball and click on the endzone to score...The vamp rolls a 1 on blood lust, i think its fine, i dont need to RR it as i can run in score and then bite the thrall next to him at the goal line. So I don't RR... but then i cant move?????
i start to look for why, nothing, all i can do is 2 options come up. #1 pass and #2 bite a thrall, after selecting pass (now have to pass to thrall because I CANT MOVE for no reason at all) but nothing happens i cant select a pass so now with time ticking downed thrall i could do was bite the downed thrall and my turn end then and there... 😞

now what I feel also needs to be looked at is the order you have things when a blood lust fails and the vamp has to bite some one. as it is now he wont bite OR you cant select him to bite UNTIL you click and start to more or block with another player, it then cuts to the vamp now doing its bite. Afther its done the cut scene of the bite you can then go back to what you had click to do BUT you have to do that part ALL OVER AGAIN. This leads to a lot of time used up. I was luck because I was playing with 3 minute turns, had it been a 2 minute turn i would have run out of time a lot of turns.
Also if your next move was a blitz after the vamp bite, you will then lose that blitz for the turn with out getting to use it.
Only way round it is have found is to always only go to click a move or blitz 1 square (dont click the final target or you lose it) thats way when it travels back in time and then back again you can still move. (but I dont know yet I blitz resets and can still then use, as I have yet to try it)

Other than the above I love the game and hope one day to get to buy even more down loadable teams, stadiums and Dungeon Bowl 2, yeah that' s right I said it, you know you want to do a new Dungeon bowl 😉 I for one would pay what ever it took to get that game 😃

"This means that a vampire cannot score if they fail the bloodlust check period, they can only attempt to pass it off."

The vampire that fail his bloodlust roll must bite a thrall at the end of his movement... before a pass or handoff if there is one. but nothing force him to pake a pass or a handoff.

So you can just go inside the TD.... bite a thrall... and TD is OK
TD is not OK if you finish your movement inside the TD zone without biting a thrall
That's the rule on the rule book....

First thank for your reply but maybe I was not clear... I get if i run into the score area and have NO thrall to bite i will be sent off, the same would happen if it was middle of the field, but shouldn't the vampire be able to stand in the scorning area (the end zone) and THEN bite a thrall he would then be still on the field and with the ball
In other words after i planned to bate the thrall I didnt want to move him as he would be standing IN the score area, why would i have to stop 1 square short and bite said thrall to end his turn short when i could do the same thing in the score area... think of it like a pass... my point is the touchdown score event should NOT be triggered till after the vamp with a failed blood lust roll with the ball in the area has bitten a thrall or till a vampire that made its blood lust roll moves in and scores

so what your saying is i should have stopped 1 sort, bite the thrall and then score next turn... I would be fine with that too, IF it didnt freeze me up

when you go to make a block and you fail the BL roll you then get the option to not do said block and rather you can now chose to move that vamp to a thrall (if one was not next to them at the time) and bite the thrall so as to keep the vamp on the field, right? ( i know this because i have done it)
But the problem was that because i didn't click 1 square at a time, click move, click another, move, click another, move and so on... rather I just double clicked the score, as it was a straight line ... now when it failed the BL roll it reset the option (or so it should right) so i should have been able to say move to another thrall and bite it but it froze...

oh and at one point you say "The action of the bite happens at the end of the vampires turn, but before things like a pass, handoff or score. " yet then go on to say "This means that a vampire cannot score if they fail the bloodlust check period, they can only attempt to pass it off. " (really make no sense as it happens before the pass but you can then do the pass?)

i can if needed show a screen shot

sorry you missed the OPs point completely! This sounds like a serious bug! and you not reading his question properly is not helping the matter!

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This one does sound like it needs looking into, i will flag it up with the appropriate people.

Well I played several games with Vamps and did not experience any bug. Only thing is the bite a thrall play is far from being easy to figure out and I believe this phase need polishing : it is sometimes automatic, sometimes not. Sometimes you are not offered the possibility which thrall to bite..... after a while i believe i start to figure out how it works, but it is not intuitive and need lots of polishing.

@coachjester said in Vampire are broken:

Also if your next move was a blitz after the vamp bite, you will then lose that blitz for the turn with out getting to use it.

I can confirm this bug, if you trigger bloodlust, move the Vampire, then blitz with your next player, the blitz action gets transferred onto the Vampire instead of the player you used it on, and you cannot use blitz any more.

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The powers that be are aware of this bug.

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