New Teams with 1000TR having W/D/L records

I have teams on my PC Blood Bowl II that I created but havent used yet and they are still at 1000tr, no star player points but have records like 14-3-15. I also noticed that some of my teams I have played against the computer has additional games in their history that they werent involved in but got credit for the win, lose or draw.

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This hasnt happened to anyone else ? I have a few unused teams that I created and havent played with.
One team, Poul Peak Skavengers which I know I name Foul Peak because of a real life team and the F and P are no where near each other, is 14-3-15. No players has star player points, but has stats on statistics page. On the History page its first game was on 2016/10/12, Raging Crescents vs Totengraber and had games recently played this month with being involved in none. In league of Cabal Official League, but first game was listed as being in the Liga Der Alten Welt League, Competition Bronze-Liga. Totengraber conceded but had the ball 100% of the time, 24 blocks Succeeded ? Raging Crescents 7 Blocks Succeeded, 24 blocks sustained with possession of 0%.

Another team I started playing with Iron Rock Boyz. Lists them at 32-4-10 but Boyz only played 13 games 7-3-3. 4 pages in history of games them not being involved in starting back from 2016/11/18 till this month. 5 straight games of Haninge Hooliganes defeating Black Hearts. Some games in their history has them in the NAF Open League, Free Ladder.

It seems all most all my teams have been infected with games I didnt play.

not one team in Custom Leagues were affected. Numerous teams in Cabal Official League and even in a private league OLBBL2 were affected with games I didnt play or my team.

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Hello, can you send me this file: Documents\BloodBowl2\Profiles\XXXX(hexacode)\ManagementLocal\ManagementOnline_Prod.db at


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