Launching game without mods (Steam)

I'm encountering nasty bug where medium logs after being packed upon "drop load" or losing by capsize spawn huge rocks instead of logs.
I've tried launching clean solo MP session - bug is still prevail. I blame some broken mods and want to pinpoint exact one(s) and be sure that is not basic game glitch.
I do remember there was certain parameter that allowed me to start OldTires without mods whatsoever but not physically deleting them. Just disabled workshop.

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You have to remove or // a line in a config file i don't remember wich one but it start like this "mount"
and its followed by some location.

@joridiculous said in Launching game without mods (Steam):

@deadwanderer The problem is in the map The Badlands.

But still. I have plans to do some "clean" recorded runs without mods but not "unsubscribing" either. The solutions for OldTires was keeping separate pirated copy, but I don't really want to do that with MR.

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MODs from Steam are stored in some folder in Steam folder. They are hidden in "very cryptic" system of numbers, but in theory, all you have to do is

  1. find a MR mods folder (make a fresh subscribe of something and search by date)
  2. change its name so system can't find it anymore - mods can't interfere with game

It is just theory, but... 🙂
And obviously, change that name in some way you will be able to undo...

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