I am new to the modding scene and I have come across an error

The error I am getting when i go and load my map is "unable to load {MAP} file is either broken/missing or is an old version" but I made it with the current stuff. I also noticed in the editor i am getting " Info,Mesh| Welded vertices 388 --> 368" "Info,Overlay| Conflicting Overlay" < with this one I fixed by deleting the overlays.

@joridiculous Both Are up to date with steam, i went ahead and verified both the game and editor and deleted the appdata to see if a refresh of that would work. I think its on the map side not the game side.

Hi, do you use custom objects? For my maps, I was forced to manually install the meshes, classes and textures of these objects (spun rock and nix) in the same files of my map and I have no more problems.

@niccan69 So manually adding the rocks files was the solution, Thank you for your help, without your comment I wouldnt have figured it out. Thanks and Love.

The Buildings,walls,fences,poles, logs i placed in the editor are not showing up in game

There is supposed to be a building here and a lamppost along with a fuel station and toilet https://imgur.com/a/vFoTM

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@architectwilliam if you included the class xmls for the stock assets they won't render in-game only custom object files need included.

@drgonzo1489 The only custom models that i have included on the map are the custom Rocks made by Nix and Spun

@architectwilliam are there any other classes>>models>>.xmls other than the custom rocks?

This happened to me with 2 maps as well. Rubi is supposed to have a light over to of the sign on the back wall of the garage, and it shows in the editor but not in-game. Some goes for a house_broken model I had in FlyingBlind ...

@mexican_420 yeah, none of the stock models are loading when loading it in game

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Hi there,

For clarification, there's an issue loading rocks in the editor right now, or is it a larger issue than that?

@iyagovos I have resolved all the issues, I only have questions now

  • How do I add more than one Materials without it being weird with the first one

  • How would I go at making custom models such as Signage (IK I can Google this Easily)

Custom Models can be made using a 3D Modelling program such as Blender and 3DS Max.

I have put a tutorial on spintires.nl if you need help.

@digital-x Thank you so much will definitely be looking at that. ❤

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