Treeman blitz / Take root issue


I had an issue today with my Halfling team on the PC.

I wanted to Blitz with a treeman to get him in to the action. I had already used my reroll for this turn. I selected Blitz and the little yellow lightning bolt appeared above the Treeman's head. He then failed his Take Root roll.

I had not selected a target to my Blitz yet, and although I wanted to move (he had Break Tackle for everyone out there saying how daft it is to dodge a Treeman), he also had a player next to him.

I think I should be able to still block the player stood next to me with my Blitz, but the game wouldn't let me.

Is this a known bug?

Focus Team

Hello, it's not a bug but part of the rules 🙂

"if a player fails his Take Root roll as part of a Blitz Action he may not block that turn"

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