Electrical code, trailer connected to the body

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What is the code?
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The supplement is to add a few lines of code that should be modified or added.

its a socket point in meshes of both the truck and trailer meshes
i dont have my files here but isnt that hard to add

@forces, Thanks Forces. I was wondering about this too and couldn't find it either. I didn't think of looking in the mesh.xml. lol. DOH!!

Here's the code Forces is referring to;


		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft1a" Pos="(1.403; 0.672; 0.08)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft1b" Pos="(2.891; 0.452; 0.299)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft2a" Pos="(2.182; 0.845; 0.0)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft2b" Pos="(1.403; 0.845; 0.0)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft3a" Pos="(1.031; 0.816; 0.0)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft3b" Pos="(-0.098; 0.669; -0.102)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft4a" Pos="(-0.427; 0.669; -0.102)" />
		<SocketPoint Name="Shaft4b" Pos="(-1.487; 0.669; -0.102)" />
----->	<SocketPoint Name="TrailerCablesTractor" Pos="(1.1; 0.854; 0.003)" />   <----------


   <SocketPoint Name="TrailerCablesTrailer" Pos="(0.949; 1.760; 0)" />

@tattoo damn taking the bus back home was too slow for me this time, lol
yeah thats the code i was talking about thanks @Tattoo

@tattoo How could I add that code into the mesh.xml? I tried to add or delete that code by using MeshConvert.exe but it didn't work. I'm not a mod maker I'm just trying to modify the existing Mod.

@hatsunekid, I don't edit existing mods so couldn't say. Sorry.

EDIT: There was a program for ST that Marijn wrote for this but don't know if it still works. - Mesh XML editor

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@tattoo I tried using the tools you provided to modify "TrailerCablesTrailer" pos coordinates, but there was no difference. I even doubt that my operation was wrong. Besides, thanks for your help.

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