Will the multiplayer be separate from the single player please?

I played and made content on youtube for Mordheim and I love that game to death but the biggest inhibitor for competitive play or just being able to set up multiplayer is just how punishing it is and how much of a hassle it is to make a new warband to get it to a certain level to fight other warbands in PvP... sooo I'm asking that Necromunda be made such that the multiplayer could be set apart from the single player so that it doesn't require 100 hours of game play to grind up your characters just to play multiplayer? Could you make it so that it is easy to jump into a multiplayer game with other players?

Hey there!

We're working to have a better multiplayer experience in Necromunda than Mordheim, but we're not ready to talk about what that is in specificity right now 🙂

I never got much into multiplayer myself. I presume it was persistent? For the most part I was just interested in the campaign anyways, but a hangup I had was that you wouldn't want to stick in a level 1 warband against even an equal sized veteran warband, seeing as a leveled character is just plain better than a fresh one. I ran into a similar thing in the campaign where bringing in a new warrior to a late campaign match was a pretty good way to get them killed. I get a tad overinvested in my characters too, so by the time I'd reasonably level a Warband I wouldn't really want to risk them against a human player. You never know what to expect against another player, you can wipe out someone who barely understands the game mechanics yet, or get wiped out by someone who has built the ultimate stat monster. I'm sure there was some sort of ranking system to ensure a total noob players don't go against a top ten ranked player, but since it's a game of skill, strategy, and (according to some I've talked too much) stats (if a Rank 10 fighter faces a Rank 1 there's only one way that tends to end) so inevitably you're going to take a beating. Even more so than against an Ai, no matter how well designed, a player v player matchup is going to hurt more than a Single Player match, so the persistent wounds dissuaded me from checking out Multiplayer with my Warband. The double edged sword is of course the persistent character system is what gives the characters character in the first place.

I would like to see Multiplayer be a more involved part of the game, I hope a Co-op version of that Conquest mode is a possibility as well as competitive. I see what this guy is saying about separating them, it's a cool option for someone to be able to use their Single Player Warband, but if it's the only option, on my end at least it limited my desire to actually risk my Warband in online competition. And it's not just a matter of me not liking competitive multiplayer, it's just that Mordheim's option never really drew me in.

To address a part of what you're saying @DeTortor, there is also the option for exhibition matches in multiplayer. That mode does not include the looting and permanent injuries / death, so you can have the multiplayer experience free from worry!