Nurgle Team skill advice

Hi all,

I've had about a dozen matches with my Nurgle team. As it stands it runs at:
3 RR,
BoN with Guard,
Nurgle warrior,
NW W/block
2 x NW w/block and Guard,
Pest w/sure hands
Pest w/ block and dodge,
Pest w/block and mighty blow,
Rotter w/kick
2 x rotter.

The pest with sure-hands has a chance to have a typically available skill or movement or armour up.
The vanilla pest has also levelled up.

I'm torn because I like the idea of having 2 parts with sure-hands and ideally extra arms to deploy when receiving to ensure I pick up the ol' pigskin and can do so if there's a sacking, either on offense or defence.

I also like the idea of having at least one sacker with maybe wrestle, tackle, strip-ball.

I ALSO like.the idea of having some killers! MB, claw, Piling on, tackle, block, that kinda thing. Was likely going to develop the2 least developed NW's this way but it's sure be nice to have a more mobile option.

Where would the good people of this board go with their development plans?

You only have 4 goats, having two with Surehands is wasted TV.

Extra movement on your Ball Carrier is fantastic, your Blodge piece could become a great Sacker/ Surfer depending on skill picks.

As everyone should know +AV is arguably trash.

Nooblet Pesti should definitely go Killer, maybe even MB Claw before Block if you feel brave enough!

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Def movement up and Mb on the vanilla. Levelling up will be much faster. Basically agree with everything previous poster not sure why I'm posting this!! Esp agree only one sure hands.

Actually just seen you don't have a pesti with wrestle . I'd build the last pesti with wrestle strip ball tackle. You've got a killer on way anyway

Thanks for the input all. I certainly am.switched onto the idea of having a 'wrackler' Pest. Since I didn't relise it was actually a double roll, I went with dodge skill-up. I did got for another sure-hands on the other pest. That may have been a mistake but I had a game before I got these responses!

I'll know for the future. But from now on, all building goes towards sacking for one pest...killing power for everything else! I'm lacking heavy-hitters...

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