Hello everyone,

First time poster here and I would like to talk about a fun "Chaos Mode" addition that could be allot of fun!

We all love kick off events but what if if there was an option to let the Gods of Chaos influence there outcome? What if there was a kick off event that gave random players mutation (no matter race!), made trees grow from random spots in the pitch or even created rivers of Lava that players need to leap over?

Here are some ideas that I have been thinking off:

Drunk Wizards:

The Wizards have been at the mead again and are letting their magic run wild! At the end of every turn one of them blasts a lightning bolt randomly on the field before returning to nurse their drink.


Khorne belches out a blast of lava creating a river randomly from one point of a side line to a different point on a different side line. This river is 1 square wide and any players who start their turn in the lava can side step in a direction of their choosing. Players can be pushes into this Lava stream much like crowd surfing. Players in an adjacent square to the rover of lava get a new skill called "Leap for your life!" which temporarily gives them a 2+ leap to another square adjacent to the Lava river.

Dark Forest:

At the start of the event roll 3d6. The resulting number is the amount of trees that suddenly grow from the pitch in random locations. If a player starts their turn where a tree has grown they can side step to another location. These trees are imobile and impassable but can be share the same stats as a Treant. Trees can be knocked down where they will collapse and be removed. The player who fells the tree will gain 1SPP.

The Winds of Chaos!

Roll a dice for every player on the field. On a 6 that player receives a random mutation. If the player already has that mutation it is re rolled into another.

Chaos Portal:

A portal is torn into reality. The portal is randomly placed on the field and any piece that starts its turn or enters the square gets teleported to a random location on the field. After teleportation the player must roll a 4+ or take an injury roll.

Slanesh's Mist

At the start of every turn when the first move/blitz action is made by a player the opponent cannot see the planed route that shows. When the piece starts its move a dopleganger illusion is created and mirrors the movement of the real player. This illusion looks identical to the original and will move as far as the real player until it reaches a blocked square. This illusion does not provide tackle zones, assists or have any abilities such as disturbing presence. This illusion can however be blocked but as soon as the block dice are thrown it disappears. When the illusions teams next turn starts it disappears.


A magical night suddenly happens. Darkness floods the field and a fog of war comes into effect. Every player can see 3 squares around themselves and the rest of the field is dark. Noise can be heard but if enemy players are moving out of your vision you cannot see them. A knocked down players vision is reduced to 1 square and a Stunned player is reduced to zero.

There are plenty of more ideas rattling around my head but its getting late so I will save them for tomorrow.

Obviously with the new expansion already done these ideas are just a dream but if there will be a Chaos Edition of Blood Bowl 2 maybe its something that could be fun for silly leagues and friendlies!