I think there should be 6 new things:

  1. a map where everything is accessable using 80%-100% tarmac roads, but with mud/dirt road shortcuts.

  2. 2 new cars to go with the map; I was thinking an 60s-70s muscle car, with rear-wheel drive, and a 80s vw golf, with front-wheel drive.

  3. 2 new trucks; a humvee, and a land rover defender.

  4. 3 new attachments: a "transport attachment"; lower the ramp, push that wrecked A type vehicle on board with another truck, raise the ramp, and drive away! also, a transport semi-trailer, witch has a built-in winch to pull the damaged truck on, and is for larger trucks. and, a roof rack for A type vehicles (reason in suggestion 5)

  5. a new size of log; mini! these logs go on roof racks, but only deliver 1pt. to the lumber mill.

  6. the most important suggestion; split-screen mode! Having 2 players on the same ps4 means me and my brother can get logs together!

Number 5 is a brilliant option - get a log strapped on to the top of the A968m car!! They already have the vehicle in-game, might be the easiest one on the list.

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