Some suggestions for future patches

Why can't we interact with items in our inventory? E.g. there are notes, that we could examine with two different skills, but when we put it in the inventory, we can't examine it anymore.

Why can't we check our saves? E.g. I finished episode 1 more than a month ago and I don't remember exact stats of my character. It would be useful to have an opportunity to check the character stats without restarting the last quest.

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Hi, thanks for your suggestions!

The first one sounds like a bug, I'll report it to the team as such.

Have a nice day!

Thank you very much! There's one other thing. When you meet Adams in Chapter 3 you can use your unlocked knowledge about her relationship with your mother ("I know"), but the following dialogue seems to be missing something. You say something like "I believe you knew my mother" and she answers "Do you think I made it all up?" - It seems like there should be something else between these lines.

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I've just re-played the 1st episode after the patch and the medical notes I mentioned above don't appear in the inventory anymore. So you still can't interact with it.

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Where does Louis find the medical notes because I have never seen them and would like to see if it happens in my game too.

It's in Adams's room in a chest left from the entrance.

OK I will try to see if I get the same results during the weekend when I replay the game.

Okay so what I found is that in the chest is a healing note or something like that. However, my Louis was unable to read the note and the game put it as one page in the manuscript section of the inventory and it would need more pages in order to equip it for a skill a boost.

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What manuscript did it become? 1/4 mother's book, isn't it?

Yes because that was the newest item I found in my inventory. So perhaps that is why you are unable to interact with the medical notes. You would need all four sections of the manuscript in order to equip it to Louis before a quest starts.

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