games crashes continually after a couple of minutes please help with tech support

Re: game crash issues
this is still happening...0_1524194480397_crash in mudrunner 1.PNG
I am Playing on the PC by the way..what do I do to fix this its causing game crashes....I already have the game started in admin mode and it makes NO difference its still happening..please help me tech support !!!
not sure what it means EA access violation what does EA Access have anything to do with this game??

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Hi there,

it seems as if you're playing with mods, does this still occur if you don't use mods?

yes does..even when I play offline

I have even tried a fresh install with nothing and it still happens ..

what I dont understand what does EAcess have to do with your game??

This isn't the "EA Access" you're thinking of... The error (afaik) in generic terms means the editor tried to put something into a memory address (RAM) that it didn't have explicit access to. 9/10 cases this is caused by either the editor or the game trying to put more into RAM than the default exe has reserved for itself. Since the game is only a 32-bit application, it cannot address more than 2GB of RAM. Look around on these forums and you'll find links to 4GB patches such as STMod that can help resolve this issue by changing the amount of RAM that can be made available to the game/Editor. This has been a running concern for those of us in the modding community for some time now, and the dev team doesn't appear to have any desire whatsoever to fix it on their end, so we're left with no choice but to rely on 3rd-party tools/hacks/programs to get it done ourselves...

ok thanx...yes I have seen those patches never tried one though..I will

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