Any closer to Ep 2 yet

Hey I was wondering if we're getting any closer to episode 2 cause I'm kinda really excited to continue my story and I don't know how long the expectations of release is between episodes so can you give at least a month of release yet or are you finished the episode 2 or how far you are through developing it.

I can't tell anything specific for now. But we plan to have steady release throughout 2018, meaning it's likely to come earlier than June for episode 2.

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We're currently polishing episode 2 and we'll hopefully reveal its release date soon!

@netheos how long is soon few weeks , a month?

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@rileybrian00 said in Any closer to Ep 2 yet:

@netheos how long is soon few weeks , a month?

Sorry I can't give you more than that for now. But I'll post in this forum as soon as we have an announcement.

If you want a rough time line when future episodes will be out use the telltale games formula it will probably be once every 2 to 3 months

AHH! The agony of anticipating the next episode of an episodic game.

I know the wait is the worst part but also its a bit fun to speculate on what the future episodes can bring to the story and how our choices will impact the next episode! 🙂

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Episode 2 releases May 15th, see you there! 😉

I am already so hyped for Episode 2 of The Council!! I can't wait for May 15 it feels so far even though its only 5 days away 😂

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