Looks like I DO have a right to refund... good thing I'm in Australia

Valve lost their final appeal against the ACCC regarding refunds for faulty goods in Australia INCLUDING DIGITAL DOWNLOADS.


This creates a precedent here which MUST be followed now.

This isn't a troll post, its the final warning to FOCUS and STREUM ON STUDIOS.

I actually want this game to succeed. I also want it to actually perform as stated which it hasn't on either of my rigs over time, in the almost year and a half since I purchased it..

You guys had better deliver a working product on the 22nd of May.

Because if it doesn't run well in combat REGARDLESS OF SETTINGS, I will be getting my refund and then I will be rid of this thing forever.

Or.... it comes out, it actually maintains a stable frame rate regardless of settings (especially since this thing is an I7 8700k, GTX1070, 32gb ddr4, 1tb SSD for gaming and 250gb SSD for the OS) and the net code is good enough so I can at least play it with my brother and friends in the same state or country.... than I won't refund and I'll change my review to a positive.

Despite what I said I am actually looking forward to the 22nd of May as I do hope to finally enjoy this game.

Like I said, this isn't a troll post as I do want to actually play and enjoy this game. Its the last warning I'm giving Focus and SOS.

Please deliver a working product, or be ready for the refunds.

If you guys need more time.... NOW is the time to fess up and be honest with us or at the very least your Australian customers.

Have a nice day folks and purge the Xenos for me (well those lucky ones that got it going).

Hope it will be dope

Honestly I hope it will be dope too. I'd rather play the game and not complain about technical hitches, for almost a year and a half.

They can't even get the game working right for a major console release. This game is a bust. Yet again another 40k trash game. We all knew this was coming. Pathetic. Sorry guys I know we are a game studio but we can't figure out how to make this game work. Been on this thing for years now but can't get it sorry. Here is some advice focus. Learn how to make games right you mediocre amateurs. You really screwed the pooch on this one.

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It works now..... all is well 🙂
The Enhanced Edition is out and its awesome!!!!!

It actually performs AWESOMLY now!

Gotta say... Buy IT!

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