Error with the Editor Any Fix ?

Here are the errors that I am Getting from the Error and I am unsure how to fix.

04/21/18 06:11:17> System| !vector_contains(_vector, _value): failed (C:\Dev\Sources\Combine\Common.h, 363)

04/21/18 06:05:29> System| instance.instanceLOD != TERRAIN_PLANT::INSTANCE_LOD_NULL: failed (TerrainPlantsBrand.cpp, 1315)

Until it gets fixed I cant really work on my map.

Your distribution count is to high try thinning them out. If your using allot of small rocks that will do it just remove some, thin them out.

@drgonzo1489 yeah, i think i had to dense of trees 😕

@architectwilliam If you stick to below 75 it should be ok. Between 60 and 70 is quite ok.
smalrocks and mudchunks really bogs things down. Trees hardly at all.
Easy to see when you get a lot of "diamonds" for rocks/chunks.

btw: I have a lot of 70 / 75 tree distros on my latest map. But the areas of trees are quite small (mostly 1-2 Squares in width). I mostly used trees to cut line of sight and make the trails "packed in".
bushes are 99% used to "outline" the roads.

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