I have a few questions

As someone who supported spintires since its original beta there has been some issues that were never addressed. I absolutly loved this game and still play it from time to time with the mod maps.

  1. Sli/Crossfire has always had a shadow flicker issue when the game was in fullscreen. It is kinda seizure inducing. Will this be fixed in the new version?

  2. Since in multiplayer no visuals will be synced, if someone ahead of you destroyed the trail will that be the case for the person following? Even though they cant see the destruction.

  3. I see you mentioned a map editor. Does that mean that player created maps will be on the steam workshop? That was one of the most frustraiting things avout the original version. You had to manually add the files to the game folder.

I hope this game suceeds with an actual developer behind it. And i will be getting it.

please could we make a own Q&A Thread. It gets flooded here with questions Threads.

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