Tour de France 2018 - Pro Leader Mode
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Hello, and welcome to first dev blog about this year's entry into Le Tour De France! We plan on doing a devblogs about both Tour de France and Pro Cycling Manager weekly, telling players about the new features being added to the game this year. Each week, we'll alternate games, and we'll be starting with Tour de France 2018.

In Tour De France 2018, we're very happy to introduce a new feature to the game, Pro Leader Mode!

In this brand new mode, you will be able to create your very own cyclist for the first time, and then take your cyclist, and his team, to victory!


To start, you will pick your team jersey. Then, create your rider. You will give him his name, pick his appearance, and choose his height, weight and country of origin, as well as the speed at which he pedals.

After doing this, you will pick your riders speciality - do you want to be a specialist on Mountains, Hills, Sprints, or a do you want to be a versatile cyclist?

Once this is done, you'll get to put together your team, comprised of at least eight cyclists. This will be your team for the next year, and you will want to make it a well-balanced team so that you're not at a disadvantage on tracks when you don't have a cyclist good at that stage of the race. Don't get caught without a Sprinter on a sprint, for example.


Your cyclist will start off as a weaker cyclist, needing to gain skills and get better at his speciality. This will be done by completing objectives as you go throughout the year. Completing objectives such as "Complete five mountain stages" will increase your Mountain stat, for example.

As you continue throughout your riders career, you will get more money to improve your team, and your rider will improve his stats. This will, in turn, make him a better cyclist, more able to complete races, as well as giving your team more money with which to recruit new riders. This will make your team improve, giving you the tools to get better and better.

in addition, as you progress, new objectives will become available, such as "Winning Mountain Stages", which will allow your rider to progress even further and dominate his opponents.

Best of luck out there on the track, rider. and stay tuned for more information in the run-up to release!

Tour de France 2018 on PlayStation 4 & Xbox One and Pro Cycling Manager 2018 on PC, will release in retail stores and for download June 28th.

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@iyagovos hallo, is the pro leader mode single player only or could my friend, if i want to play with him in the split screen mode ,also creat a own cyclist, so that we can use both our avantar.

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@laurent-fignon Hi there!

Yep, it's available in both local and split-screen modes!

Hello, in split screen mode, is it possible for each player to create a rider ?
In this mode, objectives are only for our custom rider or there are also objectives for other riders of the team ?

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