Terminator death animation

Hey guyz,

I was wondering if it was possible to add an animation (something like a sync kill) when a terminator is killed by genestealers.

It could bring a dramatical effect in stressing situations, because actual termi deaths are soft and silencious, and we could expect something more gore, noisy and terrible from nids!

Alien isolation gives good example about this.


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Not interested in this proposal ? 😮

Streum On Team

Hi! You raise a valid point, but I'm afraid implementing new animations is a heavy task that would be tricky to fit in our schedule in a near future. We'll keep this in mind though, thank you for your suggestion! 👍


Not to get ahead of ourselves here but on the note of extra content, any plans for future DLC?
People have been clamouring for the likes of new maps, the idea of Space Hulks hold almost limitless potential and you guys did a fantastic job with the included maps.

P.S. Still gutted there was no limited edition version of the game with some sweet 40K loot, would have definitely went for it 😛

@streumon-f8 thanks for your answer man! I understand that this is a bit late for a new implementation in EE which will be released soon, but i keep i mind that you find the idea interesting ! ^^
I really hope that you will exploite the idea in future developpments!

I wanted to add a supplementary reason to include this improvment: the point is not only about visual / sonor effect but that, when you know that you will be killed horribly by an alien, the stress is not the same and then you play more in a survival / agressive mod. That's why i was speaking about alien isolation. Maybe it is about reptilian brain explanation, but then it increases the pleasure you can feel to survive and annihilate the threat 🙂

To summurize, impressive sync kill influence gameplay

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Sounds like a fantastic idea 😀 😀 , it does seem a bit lame the dying part of the game sorry ☹ but the rest is looks awesome

Streum On Team

@astartesultra @james_1984 noted 👌


Not to get ahead of ourselves here but on the note of extra content, any plans for future DLC?

@link000 The team is entirely focused on the Enhanced Edition and having the best possible launch. We have a few ideas, but no plan for future content for now.

Seriously, what is the point in worrying about extra content when the base game itself, announced in 2013 and supposedly due in 2015 (remember those heady days?), remains unfinished? When fully one third of what has been promised will now apparently never be finished?

Fortunately this does not apply to me, but if I was one of those unfortunates who believed the false promises and spent money on pre-ordering for Xbox, then releasing DLC without bothering to finish the Xbox version would be the final kick in the teeth, the final proof (as if any were needed) that potential customers are treated with nothing but contempt.

After all, if you have time for DLC, then surely you have time to fix 'code development' issues...

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