Pass should not be a default action as it leads to misclicks and lost time

Every time I move the ball carrier and clicks to select the next player to move, the game assumes I want to pass the ball. It is annoying, because it leads to misclicks and at least lost time, which can be crucial if it is the last seconds and you desperately need to move one more player.

I suggest that Pass is not the default action, simply switching the selection to the next player. One should actively choose to pass from the action menu.

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I don't know what control mode you use, but if you use PC I had the same problem with BB2 controls.

With the control setting to BB1, a left click selects a player while a right click selects a desire to pass to a player, so there's no confusion.

PC, yes. But BB2 mode. I will try your suggestion. Thanks 🙂

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