How do I make my file a file without extension ?, That is, I do not want an xlm and .x file

Convert them with the editor. You can do that by adding the XML and .X mesh files to the meshes folder of a mod(vehicle) or map(create a meshes folder for the mod(vehicle) or map if required), then upload the mod(vehicle) or map to the workshop. After uploading, subscribe to the mod(vehicle) or map. It will then be downloaded to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\675010(or wherever Steam/steamapps is installed). Find the folder with the mod(vehicle) or map(the name/number of the folder is in the workshop page URL for the mod(vehicle) or map as id=name/number of the folder). In the main folder the converted mesh file(s) will be in the _m sub-folder.

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Is not there another way to do it?

Look in the editor cache folder or if you had it in game, look in the MR cache folder.

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@tattoo great friend, you are a genius, thank you very much

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